At RollaHome, we work everyday to ensure all our customer’s needs are addressed in the designs we propose. Our experience and dedication to customer satisfaction help us design features and solutions to make business work spaces more suitable for its intended use, cost less to build, own and operate, and are designed to look better and last longer with less required maintenance.


Our approach to design starts with a discussion of your requirements and ideas for the space and evolves through a refined process. With a broad understanding of your project requirements and the site conditions, we propose solutions from our portfolio of products that give the customer options best suited for their current requirements, while planning for future needs as well.

Designed For Flexibility

For the small business owner of a food shop, beauty salon, or office business with only a few employees, maybe consider our customizable Modular buildings. These pre-designed building shells feature 100% completed exteriors and are available in many standard sizes. The interior is left unfinished for customization as required by your needs. Mini-Mod Portable Buildings are designed for easy future expansion or interconnection to create larger spaces as your needs grow.

If your business is larger and requires more space over multiple floor levels, the solution we propose may be a hybrid methodology which includes a more traditional structurally engineered skeleton, combined with RollaHome’s proprietary Villa System Prefabricated Walls and Modules for exterior and interior partitions. A method made desirable due to the reduced engineering required for foundations and structural elements that makes buildings stronger while also lighter and at a lower cost. Our unique design allows us to construct buildings over three levels faster and cheaper than standard practices currently used.

And for the eclectic entrepreneur who wants to stand out in the crowd, maybe a Contain-a-Home shipping container conversion is the best option. RollaHome encourages the creative artistic side of designers who want more than shelter, but want shelter with a statement. The system allows total flexibility and creativity with interchangeable modules for walls, rooms, porches, lofts, and more. Just translate your ideas to our designer and watch it come to life. If you can dream it, we can help make it reality. To learn more about RollaHome Products for Business Applications contact us.

Business Style

When changes in your business create new demands for inplant space utilization, RAH modular office and building products provide you with unlimited flexibility to respond quickly and cost-effectively to your needs.

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