Architects, builders and developers agree:

eliminates the use of construction sand for most phases of a project; by extension it also eliminates many of the problems experienced by architects, builders, and developers.

RollaHome embraces the principles of Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) and tools such as Building Information Modeling (BIM) within our workflows to design, manufacture, and deliver to your job-site, the cold-formed steel (CFS) framed alternative to plastered brick walls. Our collection of engineered steel frame modular components provide speed, quality and savings all while delivering a faster completion; oftentimes enclosing the building envelope in half the time of traditional brick wall construction.

We collaborate with your team to realize your project vision, with lower cost and lower risk.


Before we even take on a project, we ask, listen, and learn to make sure we understand just what the customer is looking for. In turn, we ensure that our customers understand our capabilities and that we are the right fit for the project.


When we feel we can bring value to a project, we will propose a solution that outlines the production schedule, design, prefabrication, and logistical details. You’ll learn how you can save time and money with modular integration while taking on less risk and less worry for your project.


When you choose to work with RollaHome, we will finalize our plan and establish the scope of the project, specific milestones, and a final agreement.


We will minimize your worry by handling any challenges while keeping you up-to-date on our progress. During the build out, we provide on-site support for all phases of the assembly and fit out; as well as perform quality inspections to ensure installation is carried-out in accordance with established standards.


When the job is done, we provide you with the handover paperwork, and we perform a success review with you to ensure that the project was delivered to your satisfaction.