Villa System Prefabricated walls

Every product we offer is assembled from our proprietary prefabricated wall and module system designed primarily to replace standard brick walls in typical construction projects. Few people know it, but the brick walls used to build homes and buildings in Vietnam are detrimental to our natural environment and providing a viable building option to replace them is our main motivation.

For family homes, villas, and service apartments RollaHome provides our best system, The Villa System of prefabricated walls, rooms, modules, and pods; each custom designed and built to exacting standards for use with a traditional structural concrete floors and roofs, only better because our lightweight system means concrete structures can be designed smaller to reduce costs.

For businesses or larger structures, we propose a hybrid methodology which includes a more traditional structurally engineered skeleton, combined with RollaHome’s proprietary Villa System Prefabricated Walls and Modules for exterior and interior partitions. A method made desirable due to the reduced engineering required for foundations and structural elements that makes buildings stronger while also lighter and at a lower cost. Our unique design allows us to construct buildings over three levels faster and cheaper than standard practices currently used.


Our Villa System of prefabricated walls is very flexible, available for use in multiple application settings such as:

Standard configuration with steel frame

The standard Villa Wall features a insulated rugged steel frame, with strong welded connections and sandwiched between layers of plywood and durable wall finishes of fiber cement panels which resist damage from water, insects, fire, UV exposure and expansion & contraction cracks.

We back the Villa Prefabricated Wall System with an unprecedented warranty that protects your purchase for ten full years; that is a warranty no other builder in Vietnam is willing to provide.

Ultra-lite configuration with aluminum frame

The Ultra-lite version of the Villa System features a durable lightweight aluminum frame and is intended for special applications where a higher standard of strength-to-weight is required and cost is less of a consideration.

Ultra-light components are used in special applications such as enclosed cantilever enclosures, convention and trade show displays & booths, or vehicle & trailer mounted dwellings.

Free Standing

Free standing dwellings are designed to feature open or exposed ceilings such as mall kiosks, convention booths or retail displays.

Free Standing units may also be utilized for dividing or partitioning interior spaces such as large meeting rooms, hotel conference rooms, or airport concourses.

Floor to ceiling

Our most common applications are for homes, apartments, and office type spaces where an enclosed ceiling is desired. 

Villa System components are comparable with acoustic ceiling tiles, concealed gypsum ceilings, or with upgraded panelized ceilings which resist ceiling cracks and unexpected water leaks better than standard options.


Where special considerations are needed to meet high ceiling designs, the Villa System is ready to serve. Specially constructed components are available in heights up to six meters.