Villa System Prefabricated walls

Whether you require load-bearing structural walls for self-supporting service apartment building or just a non-structural partition to divide a large room, RollaHome manufactures just what you need and always exact to the architect’s design.


Labor intensive work such as electrical, water, and waste systems for kitchen and bathroom are more easily supervised, tested, and inspected when carried-out in the protected workspace of a manufacturing workshop. RollaHome PODS are delivered to the site ready-to-use, requiring only minor connections to building services. Installation is fast and easy- and a locking door prevents unauthorized use before handover to the client.

Engineered Floor Truss Panels

RollaHome engineered floor trusses are intended to replace structural concrete floor slabs for low and mid-rise buildings to six floor levels and for clear spans up to eight meters. RollaHome engineers import architectural floor plans to create custom panelized frame designs based on the unique loading, span, bearing, use and code criteria for your particular application.


Our Modular Integrated System is very flexible, available for use in multiple application settings such as:

High Rise Infill

RollHome Modular Integrated Construction was developed specifically to replace plaster-coated brick walls for tower block infill walls/partitions. It is here, in this application more than any other, where the many benefits of Modular Integrated Construction really become obvious. Learn more about the many benefits by clicking here.
Replacing plaster-coated brick walls in tower block projects will make the greatest impact on reducing the demand for construction sand and is the main motivating factor for RollaHome introducing Modular Integrated Construction components for use in Vietnam.

House/Villa/Apartment Building (six levels maximum)

RollaHome uses cold-formed steel panel prefabrication designed using the latest framing software which performs real-time structural engineering calculations as designs are being developed; and are manufactured in compliance with code criteria set by the International Code Council and used for steel frame construction design in more than 90 countries around the world.


RollaHome modular components feature significantly reduced weight when compared to traditional plaster-coated brick construction. The lighter weight means RollaHome modular components are well suited for renovation and expansion projects where adding weight to an existing foundation is a concern.