Home, it’s more than a word, it means something special.

Home is where children take their first steps and speak their first words, where memories are made and traditions and culture are celebrated. Home is where the heart lives, so not just any building can be home.

We believe that constructing buildings is one thing, but making a home is something even more special. When our staff gathers to develop a home design our best ideas come when we imagine our own family and the times we spend together. Our home designs feature layouts and floor plans that encourage gathering family in a central space where activities can be shared and remembered for generations.

We design for life…real life. We understand the demands of the modern family; from school and activities to work and social, the day never seems to have enough time.

So when you do finally arrive home after a long day, it should be designed to make life easy as possible with plenty of storage, big closets, and central utilities like laundry and bathrooms.

Designed For Flexibility

Modular houses is becoming a smart construction trend and an alternative to reinforced concrete houses. Exceptional flexibility as well as customizable expansion heights, modular prefabricated houses or villa panel system, manufactured based on residential safety standards.

Modular houses can last as long as concrete houses, being flexible and compatible to different type of constructing elements without damaging the environment.

With simple, but modern and flexible design, the building can be detached to return to the original space when it’s no longer needed.

For family homes, villas, and service apartments RollaHome provides our best system, The Villa system of prefabricated walls, rooms, modules, and pods; each custom designed and built to exacting standards for use with a traditional structural concrete floors and roofs, only better because our lightweight system means concrete structures can be designed smaller to reduce costs.

Just tell us what you need and our designers will propose the components and final design. RollaHome provides a  service from basic to turn-key package, from the existing module to your very own prestige design.

Custom Home Design

We offer many options for residential construction and work with you to make it your dream home.

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