rollahome arch cabin

Area: idth 2.5m, floor length 4.5m, roof length 6m, height 3.5m

The compact house model, symbolizing the advantages of lean, repeatable construction, the RollaHome Arch Cabin, allows multi-purpose use depending on the size of the owner’s choice, from compact houses to office, bedroom, guest room, gym, yoga, reading room, etc.; with the targeting market in the savings segment according to the minimum requirements.

  1. House shell:
  • Galvanized steel frame
  • Cement board & plywood cover, rockwool insulation, gypsum board interior.
  • Roofing: PU thermalproof panels, gypsum board interior
  • Flooring: Galvanized C steel frame, cemboard.
  1. Finish:
  • Wall: paint finish
  • Floor: industrial wood floor
  • Alu frame & tempered glass doors, windows
  • Built-in MEP system, ceiling mounted downlight, socket.

*Note: RollaHome also provides building KIT made to order (customers can have their own building team assemble according to drawings).

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