How it Works

Contain-a-Home is our kit solution for quick and easy conversion of shipping containers for use as ahome, shop, or office. RollaHome provides custom walls, rooms, and modules that attach to a standard shipping container to create just the right space for your needs. Modules are designed to provide additional functionality and living space. This is accomplished by attaching special use modular pods to the outside of the shipping container, leaving the interior mostly open and spacious for placing furniture. This approach makes the narrow shipping container feel and function like a much larger space; we also can provide modules designed to expand upward, whether for a full second floor or just a sleeping loft or vaulted ceiling to give more interior height.

Portable/Relocatable Container Conversions

RollaHome provides the only container conversions that offer “Total Mobility Integration (TMI)” as an optional feature. We developed this option for clients who require mobility and easy transport for a fully self-contained home, office, or special use facility. That means your home or office is fully portable and can be folded into a compact cube for relocation like any normal shipping container and can provide short or long-term off-grid systems.

TMI features include water collection, management and storage systems, off-grid electrical power generation, security, monitoring & automation options, hydroponic gardens, and more. Our design team works directly with you to integrate your requirements into the perfect mobile structure for your needs.

Permanent/Long-term Container Conversions

Most people considering a shipping container conversion because they expect the process to be more simple and cost less than a traditionally build home or office. While this can be true, many have discovered it can be more difficult than first thought. Most ‘construction workers’ have few skills required to integrate the countless hidden components such as electrical cables, water and drainage pipes and air conditioning. Shipping container modifications require special tools and skills to avoid structural or mechanical failures later. Not to mention proper insulation and ventilation to ensure your ‘container home’ doesn’t feel like a ‘container oven’ to those living in it during the hot summer months.

Our collection of pre-built modules make it easy to integrate these systems; just select the modules you need, such as kitchen, bathroom, room extensions, walls, stairs, roofs, and more… Then simply arrange the components around a standard shipping container to design your custom container home.

Residential Use

Contain-a-Home conversions are perfect for residential use. Whether you’re looking for a primary residence or something to escape to on the weekends, RollaHome offers many options. To get started, we recommend scheduling a session for you to describe what you’re looking for and what needs you have to meet. You can select from our stock designs or create your custom dream home. From your description, our design team will prepare a few options for you to consider. You select your favorite or we adjust the design to your specifications. Factory production starts when you give us the final design approval.

Business Use

For our business customers, we can provide a multitude of customizations to meet your specific needs. Perhaps your needs are simple, like a basic office or work space, but maybe you require something special like a mobile laboratory or operations center… Contain-a-Home designs can accommodate almost anything you can think of. We currently offer a selection standard plans for common business applications such as retail shops, food shops, cafe, or a salon/spa which are available and ready to start production when ordered; or we can design custom to your requirements.

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