Permanent/Long-term Container Conversions

Most people considering a shipping container conversion because they expect the process to be more simple and cost less than a traditionally build home or office. While this can be true, many have discovered it can be more difficult than first thought.

Most ‘construction workers’ have few skills required to integrate the countless hidden components such as electrical cables, water and drainage pipes and air conditioning. Shipping container modifications require special tools and skills to avoid structural or mechanical failures later. Not to mention proper insulation and ventilation to ensure your ‘container home’ doesn’t feel like a ‘container oven’ to those living in it during the hot summer months.

Our collection of pre-built modules make it easy to integrate these systems; just select the modules you need, such as kitchen, bathroom, room extensions, walls, stairs, roofs, and more… Then simply arrange the components around a standard shipping container to design your custom container home.

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