The Grace

Grace is defined as a gift from God; a charming or attractive trait or characteristic with a pleasing appearance or effect.  In his honor, we offer the Grace Villa floor plan which provide plenty of space for large or growing families.  A favorite feature of the Grace Villa is the main level master suite which means better access to the main areas of the home and less stair climbing throughout the day. The plan is thoughtfully designed for large families by providing both adequate spaces for family gathering, but also allowing plenty of options for private meditation, quite study, reading, or even sneaking an afternoon nap. Focus on abundant natural lighting and generous ventilation explains the oversize windows, full-height French style folding doors, and multiple skylights. The Grace Villa is compatible with an OPTIONAL unique structural RollaSlab system known as a bi-axial voided floor slab that reduces time, labor and materials while increasing structural integrity and environmental benefits.

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