What is a Mini-Mod Portable Building

Mini-Mod is short for Miniature Modular. Mini-Mods are based on a special design that allows easy customization and expansion. The concept allows customers to select a design based on the width in sizes ranging from 2.4 meters to 4.8 meters. The length of the building is customized for the clients needs and can be as long as desired.

Expansion and Utility kits are also available to add interior walls, kitchens, bathrooms and lots more.
Moreover, our unique design includes a loft space for buildings 3+m wide, the loft is also expandable with optional kits that provide higher ceilings and windows for natural lighting.

The great thing about mini-mods is the easy modification; clients can custom design their mini-mod with Roll-a-Home designers. Next, our factory makes the building in the form of a easily assembled kit while your land is prepared for installation.

Your custom designed mini-mod is then delivered to your land and assembled by a small team of specially trained workers on top of a properly prepared foundation. Assembly is fast, usually just a few days and its ready to move in.

Get started designing your custom mini-mod portable building today!