What is RollaSlab?

In the simplest terms, RollaSlab is a reusable formwork system for creating lightweight biaxial floor slabs of steel-reinforced concrete. Also known as a waffle slab or two-way beam slab with monolithic structural ribs running in two directions on its bottom side.

A waffle slab is flat on top and ready to receive selected floor finishes, while beams shape a grid-like pattern on the bottom. The grid is created by removing void-former molds that are re-used when casting higher floors.  Our unique design is intended to provide more structural integrity when used on longer spans exposed to heavier loads.

RollaSlab system

The bi-directional RollaSlab design places ribs at one meter intervals and is well-suited for spans of 8 to 12 meters, while also providing designers and engineers with flexibility in column placement.

The modular formwork is configurable to provide multiple options which include through-beam casting of passageways for building services such as sprinkler systems or cable trays or our access slab which provides removable floor plates for easy top-side access to technical services.

The lightweight molds feature an interlocking edge that ensures proper alignment, position and stability during the casting process; and set-up typically requires fewer workers and less time when compared to traditional plywood forms.

Optional supplementary fixtures such as customized lighting, custom fitted air duct and equipment embedding hardware all ensure a clean aesthetic allowing for the omission of entire consignments such as concealed ceilings.

RollaHome supplies the molds and provides technical support and training to key personnel to cast the lightweight waffle slabs on site. RollaSlab molds are made of high-strength ABS molded plastic, so they are reusable if properly handled.

Configuration options


Superior Features of RollaSlab

RollaSlab contributes to a significant reduction in the volume of concrete necessary for the construction of the building. Due to both the voids created and the reductions from smaller engineered foundations.

RollaSlab molds are recoverable and reusable for casting additional floors.

Unlike other popular voided slab casting systems, RollaSlab molds do not remain in place, forever lost in the concrete; other voided slab systems are made of single-use expanded polystyrene or non-recoverable plastic bubble (spheres) representing a significant cost of the construction. RollaSlab reusable formwork represents a smaller capital investment, reduces waste and the molds are made of ABS plastic and can be recycled once their useful life ends

Acoustic behavior

The unusual geometric shapes created by the  RollaSlab system provides excellent acoustic behavior. Thanks to the geometry of the system, it manages to absorb a wide range of the sound spectrum significantly reducing reverberation.

Site assembly

Assembly of the RollaSlab system is simple and requires just a few workers to execute. Reinforcing steel can be pre-fabricated according to design parameters and easily installed. Different RollaSlab configurations require adjustments to the assembly process, but its mostly intuitive and workers grasp the concept quickly.