‘Age of Covid’- The New Normal Jobsite Risk Mitigation

The management and execution of construction projects in a post-Covid society will be carried-out much differently than today. Social distancing and masking are just the beginning of mandates we can expect to be imposed. To ensure projects are safely executed, industry professionals will have to rethink how to execute their work while also minimizing exposure risks for workers.

As the industry realizes the need for a change, new practices will emerge including:
• segregation of tasks,
• off-site production to ensure continuous progress, and
• significantly reduced processes to save time and steps

Pandemic mitigation will be the leading factor for growth in modular construction, but in time, local stakeholders will realize the benefits and choose to specify modular components more readily.
RollaHome provides a viable mitigation strategy that allows stakeholders to launch projects with peace of mind and reduced risk

Worker segregation
Social distance
Off site production
Facilities decontamination
Preventative medication